Drone Footage Shows Massive Devastation From Tornado with Only One House Left Intact

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Mother Nature has been known to be pretty brutal, often destroying in the blink of an eye. In mere seconds, a tornado or flood could come out of nowhere and destroy everything you hold dear. Mother Nature’s fury was on full display with drone footage of the recent tornados that killed 23 people and left only one house intact.

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The Alabama and Georgia tornados left many without a home and loved ones still missing. Matt Gillespie used his drone to see what the damage looked like from an aerial view, posting to Facebook with the caption: “Insane that this house is still standing and thank God these residents are ok!”

Gillespie lives in Ellersie, Georgia, a location that was destroyed by an F4 twister. As he surveyed the destruction and followed the path of the tornado with his drone, Gillispie came upon a single home that had not been damaged despite the destruction all around it.

Around the undamaged home, the video shows trees and other debris all around. Honestly, it looks like a war zone due to the destruction surrounding the area. Gillespie, who was at his parent’s house when he filmed the footage, explained in a Facebook post how his family fared.

“Prayers for everyone out there dealing with the damages and anyone who was hurt or worse. Parents house is fine except for all the downed trees, a missing chicken coupe, and debris. Lots of cleanup in store,” he wrote.

According to the Daily Mail, this was the worse recorded tornado in the United States in six years. Of the 23 killed, 10 were from the same family. The families in the surrounding areas only had 12 minutes of notice before the tornado, which had winds reportedly exceeded 170 MPH, touched down.

A Native American tribe in Alabama named the Poarch Band of Creek Indians announced Friday that they would be donating $184,000 towards the burial fees of those lost during the storm.