Driver Arrested During Traffic Stop for Possession of Uranium, Live Rattlesnake, Whiskey and Gun

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When police officers performed a traffic stop after spotting a vehicle with expired tags, they discovered far more than they initially expected. The driver, Stephen Jennings, warned the officers that several issues might occur, including the fact that there was a gun in the vehicle. However, that just scratched the surface.

Jennings and his passenger, Rachael Rivera, were pulled over in Guthrie, Oklahoma at approximately 11:00 am on June 26, according to a report by CNN.

Along with the expired tags, officers learned that the vehicle was stolen, and soon discovered a variety of unexpected items in the vehicle.

Officers also found an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey and a timber rattlesnake along with the firearm.

“So now he’s got a rattlesnake, a stolen vehicle, firearm and somebody under arrest,” said Guthrie Police Sgt. Anthony Gibbs.

After officers did a little more digging, they discovered a canister filled with radioactive powdered uranium.

“When that happens, of course, we call in a company that deals with that specifically, and it’s taken safely into possession,” said Gibbs. “The uranium is the wild card in that situation.”

Jennings now faces a range of charges, including possession of a stolen vehicle, driving with an open container, driving with a suspended license, and failure to carry a security verification form.

Officers have not filed charges for the uranium at this time and are investigating the possible motive.

The rattlesnake did not lead to additional charges as rattlesnake season was underway at the time, and Jennings had a valid hunting and fishing license.

Rivera was also charged with possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.

Both Jennings and Rivera were taken into custody.