Dramatic Footage Captures Good Samaritan Critically Injuring Would-Be Robber [VIDEO]

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Heart pounding footage of an attempted robbery at a Starbucks in Fresno, California, was captured Thursday. The robbery would have been successful, but one brave customer stepped in to stop the armed thief. The surveillance footage showed the good Samaritan striking the would-be robber multiple times, leaving him in critical condition.

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Cregg Jerri, 58, was sitting and having coffee when the alleged robber Ryan Michael Florez entered the coffee shop with a blue mask covering his face. As Florez approached the register, he withdrew a large knife and a replica handgun.

The woman behind the register looked visibly stunned and froze. When she doesn’t immediately hand over the money, Florez becomes impatient with her and begins waving the large knife in her face in a threatening manner.

That’s when Jerri, a sales director for Frito-Lay, noticed the commotion and got out of his chair. He picked up a nearby chair and struck the would-be robber twice in the back and on his head.

The initial hit from the chair knocked off the robber’s blue Transformer mask, revealing  his identity for the surveillance camera behind the register. A struggle between the two men then began.

At one point Florez was able to slice Jerri with the knife in his hand, but Jerri wasn’t going down without a fight. He began punching the 30-year-old, effectively disarming him.

The 58-year-old throws a barrage of punches at Florez and at some point picks up the nearby knife and stabs him, according to the Daily Mail. Florez is finally able to get away from Jerri and proceeds to the parking lot where cops say he fled in his truck.

Law enforcement eventually found Florez bleeding in the street after he had abandoned his vehicle.

He claimed he was injured in the robbery but that he wasn’t the robber. Thanks to the surveillance footage at Starbucks and Jerri knocking his mask off, officers were able to positively identify Florez.

Florez is still in the hospital and is in critical condition. Jerri suffered minor injuries and received stitches for the knife injury to his neck. Florez is expected to be charged with attempted armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon after he recovers.