Don’t Mess With Texas Grandmas. Pistol Packing Grandma Shoots Back [VIDEO]

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The Second Amendment grants Americans the right keep and bear arms, but there are technicalities governing how those firearms may be used. Most feel like self defense and the defense of others are also inalienable rights. Texas has laws that protect citizens that defend themselves from armed intruders in their own homes, and the case of Rebbie Roberson illustrates why.


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When a masked intruder brandished a gun inside Roberson’s house Sunday night, she didn’t dial 911. Not immediately. She had a revolver within arm’s reach, and it was loaded.

“When I started to get up, he was in here on me with a gun facing me right to my face,” she told CNN .


Roberson, age 74, is a no-nonsense grandmother from Bowie County, Texas. And she wasn’t about to knuckle-under to the slug who was pointing a gun at her in her own home.


“I reached over there [a nearby table] and grabbed this gun. And when I swerved around, I pointed it at him and he ran.”

Instead of testing the elderly woman’s resolve, the intruder ran. Roberson chased him through the house and fired at the man. It is unclear, at this point, if any of the rounds fired from her .38 hit the intruder.


Her shots appear to have hit high on the door and wall, and there was no blood evidence found at the scene.

“I tried to kill him,” she said. “Anybody break in on me, I’m going to kill them. He’s going to kill me or I’m going to kill him.”


At this point in the investigation, authorities aren’t planning on pressing charges against Roberson. They’re still seaking information on the intruder.

“Every citizen, according to the Texas penal code, has the right to defend themselves and their family,” Bowie County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jeff Neal said.


“I don’t know if I hit him,” she said. “I tried. I sure was hoping.”

“That was the scare of my life,” Roberson said.