Donate Your Body…for Art?

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Bone's for sale

Do you have only a few months to live? Want to do something grand in that time? Make a difference in the world? Well,Joseph and Alicia Sparda would like to talk to you, about handing over those sturdy bones of yours. For art!

Drawing inspiration from the Sedlec Ossury of Prauge (better known as Prauge), the Sparda’s are looking for about 33 individuals to make a variety of strange artworks. From a ‘tree of life’ made out of the oldest death row inmate to designs to ‘break down the barriers between fear and death’, the couple has started a Facebook page to chronicle their attempts at Unburying the Bones Project, which currently sits at 146 likes.

The response has been a bit mixed, however, with at least one Londoner accusing the Sparda’s of playing with people like ‘toys’. Joseph would like to assure you that if you donate your bones, you will get a say in whatever form they take.