Donald Trump Just Released His Response to the Dallas Police Shooting

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As you’re probably aware, four suspects opened fire on Dallas law enforcement officers last night during a protest against the police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. Three suspects are in custody and a fourth suspect was killed by officers during an extended standoff last night. Five officers were killed in the attack and seven others wounded.

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One of the suspects was killed by a police “bomb robot” after a lengthy negotiation failed. Police determined that using the robot was the safest option for officers as the suspect had become violent near the end of the negotiations and opened fire on officers yet again.

No information about the other three suspects is yet available. However, by all accounts it seems that they were taken into custody without further incident.

Obviously, many people will be looking towards our nation’s elected officials for answers and statements about what happened. Last night, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump posted this short reaction to the incident, “Prayers and condolences to all of the families who are so thoroughly devastated by the horrors we are all watching take place in our country.”

This morning, Trump released a formal statement about the incident on his Facebook page. Here is his post:

Here is the full text of his post in case you can’t read the Facebook embed for any reason:

Last night’s horrific execution-style shootings of 12 Dallas law enforcement officers – five of whom were killed and seven wounded- is an attack on our country. It is a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe.

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We must restore law and order. We must restore the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes and on the street.

The senseless, tragic deaths of two people in Louisiana and Minnesota reminds us how much more needs to be done.

This morning I offer my thoughts and prayers for all of the victims’ families, and we pray for our brave police officers and first responders who risk their lives to protect us every single day.

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Our nation has become too divided. Too many Americans feel like they’ve lost hope. Crime is harming too many citizens. Racial tensions have gotten worse, not better. This isn’t the American Dream we all want for our children.

This is a time, perhaps more than ever, for strong leadership, love and compassion. We will pull through these tragedies.

Trump’s post had been “Liked” and “Shared” on Facebook over 250,000 times in just over two hours as of the writing of this article.