Donald Trump Jr’s Wife Hospitalized After Receiving a Suspicious Envelope Full of White Powder

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On Monday, Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr., was hospitalized after she opened a letter containing a white powder. The envelope was received at the couple’s apartment, was reportedly addressed to Trump Jr., and was opened at approximately 10:00 am local time. A hazmat team responded to the scene, and Vanessa was taken to the hospital.

According to Fox News, local authorities tested the white powder found in the envelope and, though it isn’t entirely clear what it was, deemed the substance “non-hazardous.”

Vanessa, 40, dialed 911 after opening the envelope, stating that she was coughing and felt nauseous.

Vanessa, along with two other people who were exposed to the white powder, was hospitalized as a precaution.

Shortly after the incident, a hazmat crew arrived to begin decontamination procedures while the substance was being identified.

Trump Jr. and Vanessa were married in 2005. The pair have five children, though none of them were at the Manhattan apartment at the time the envelope was received or opened.

Local police and Secret Service officials are investigating the incident.

In a statement, the US Secret Service said, “The Secret Service and our law enforcement partners in New York City are investigating a suspicious package addressed to one of our protectees received today in New York, New York. This is an active investigation and we cannot comment any further.”

In September, Trump Jr. dismissed his Secret Service detail, reportedly in an attempt for more privacy. However, he reactivated the detail approximately a week later.

In March 2016, an investigation was called when Trump Jr.’s brother, Eric Trump, received a suspicious letter at his Manhattan apartment that also contained a white powdery substance. It too was deemed non-hazardous.

Similar letters were also received at Trump Tower, which served as the headquarters for Trump’s presidential campaign, two times in 2016.