Dog Who Waits for His Owner at Train Station For 12 Hours Every Day is the Internet’s Latest Star

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A dog has become an internet sensation after video emerged showing him faithfully waiting for his owner to return from work every day, taking up a post outside of a train station. The 15-year-old dog, named Xiongxiong, which means Bear in Chinese, is described as “very well-behaved” by local residents, even though he isn’t kept on a leash.

“Xiongxiong will appear at the train station at about 7:00am or 8:00am every day when his owner leaves for work,” said one local resident, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

“Then, he will linger at the station, specifically at Exit B, for about 12 hours, sometimes until 8:00pm.”

“He just waits,” the resident added. “The moment he sees his owner, he gets so happy and excited.”

In the video, taken in southwest China, Xiongxiong can be seen waiting patiently outside the station, even ignoring calls from strangers, some of whom also reach out to pet him.

“He never eats anything given to him by strangers,” said a neighbor.

However, once his owner arrives, the seemingly docile dog’s demeanor quickly changes.

Xiongxiong begins parking and wagging his tail, even hopping around, the moment his owner emerges from the train station.

“I’ve had Xiongxiong for about seven or eight years,” said the dog’s owner, identified as Mr. Chen. “Ever since I have had him, he has waited for me every day.”

“He is always happy when he sees me, which makes me very happy too,” said Chen. “Xiongxiong always manages to make me less tired from work.”

“I hope this relationship will last,” he added. “I honestly don’t know how long he can carry on,” said Chen, referencing the dog’s advanced age.

Xiongxiong quickly became an internet star, with one of the videos being viewed over 10 million times.

Many who see the footage are moved by the dog’s loyalty, and some have even sought Xiongxiong out, posing for pictures and taking videos of him.

Some have called Xiongxiong a “modern-day Hachiko,” referencing a famous Akita that was known for waiting for his owner at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo during the 1920s.

After Hachiko’s owner passed, the dog was said to keep coming to the train station every day until his own passing some 10 years later.

The story became a legend, and a statue of Hachiko was placed in front of Shibuya Station in honor of the dog.