Dog Trainer Offers Free Training if Pit Bull Owners Surrender Their Dogs and Adopt a Different Breed

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A dog trainer in New York has launched an interesting publicity campaign aimed at offering free dog training services if pet owners surrender their pit bull dog, provide proof they disposed of the dog, and adopt a new breed of dog.

Suffice it to say, the dog owner community is not taking it well.

Here is the post that started the controversy from Piazza’s K-9 Services Unlimited on Facebook:

The response to the post was almost universally negative and immediate. The Facebook page was inundated with thousands of comments questioning the policy along with hundreds of negative reviews popping up on Yelp and Google Reviews.

Despite the negative feedback, Piazza doubled down on his comments and posted the following several hours later on the company’s Facebook page:

Piazza even posted the personal information of one of the people who reviewed the business in response (we have removed the individual’s personal information):

The ownership of pit bulls has been a point of debate in many areas of the United States and around the world. Some local municipalities have regulations or even bans on the animals.

Opponents of the breed say the dogs are responsible for more severe dog bites than any other breed.

However, put bull proponents point out that there is no formally recognized “pit bull” breed and any mid-weight dog with a wide head is lumped into the designation, drastically skewing the statistics.

In several photos Piazza can be seen posing with large German Shepherds, a breed which is also commonly found in the top 3 breeds for annual dog attacks on people.

In response to the posts by Piazza, another local training company, Evolutionary K9 Academy LLC, has encourage pit bull owners to seek training from them and has even offered free classes and discounts for pit bull owners.

As of the time of this article, the post by Piazza recommending that owners dispose of their pit bulls has received over 3,500 “Angry” reactions, over 3,000 shares and over 4,000 comments on Facebook, almost universally negative.