Dog Arrested After Being a Bad Boy, Chasing Deer Along Roadway

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One pup cemented his “bad boy” image after being apprehended by local authorities during a romp that involved chasing a deer along a roadway and through a nearby hospital’s grounds. A picture of the Finn the dog was shared on social media, quickly going viral as users chimed in about the hardened criminal.

A Canadian couple was walking Finn along a trail in Kenora, Ontario, when they decided to let him off leash. The pup caught an interesting scent and, much to his owner’s dismay, went dashing off to pursue a deer.

Finn, according to a report by Fox News, ignored his owner’s calls. But, around 30 minutes later, Reid Thompson, one of Finn’s owners, received a call from the Ontario Provincial Police.

“I was informed that Finn had been causing some chaos as he chased a deer along the road, through the hospital grounds and back onto the road,” said Reid Thompson, Finn’s owner. “They tangled for a bit, up and over a guardrail and down onto the ice.”

“Eventually, the deer got away, and Finn gave up the chase,” he added.

Local law enforcement told Thompson that Finn had been “detained.” When Thompson went to pick up his dog, he received a “stern lecture about keeping the dog leashed” and told that animal control officers might follow up on the matter.

Finn was seated in the back of a cop car when Thompson arrived, peering out from behind the barred windows with what could be interpreted as a look of regret.

Thompson’s daughter, Emme, shared a picture of the pup, saying, “Someone called the police on my dog because he ran away and attacked a deer and I know this is serious but the sight of him in the cop car I’m alskdjfhsgh.”

The tweet has already garnered over 594,000 likes, more than 170,000 retweets, and nearly 3,000 comments.

Some Twitter users say the humor in the situation, including one that replied, “Not a bark or a ruff. [Fifth] Amendment all the way and lawyer up.”

Another user shared an image from when her own dog ended up in a similar situation, saying, “My dog ran away and made it to a main road, a fire truck on a way to a call called 911 to have her picked up. I was laughing so hard when they brought her back I started crying.”

Emme updated everyone on the situation, saying [Finn’s] out now but we’re still waiting to find out what’ll happen to him. He’s a good boy he just hates deer.”

Thompson said that Finn appeared “pretty proud of himself,” though “didn’t like the bath he got afterwards… the baby powder spritz spray didn’t match his new bad-boy image he is trying to cultivate.”