Doctor’s Tell Texas Dad He’s Losing His Vision. His Kids Know Exactly What to do Next. [VIDEO]

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Macular degeneration is a condition that can leave those afflicted with it slowly going blind. Those suffering from it often have time to adapt to the loss of vision and make accommodations to their surroundings, but they don’t often use that time making their dreams come true. That’s what this story is about.

“John Hinch, 71, had long told his wife and two daughters that he one day wanted to own a vintage CJ5 Jeep, but had never gotten around to buying one,” The Daily Mail writes.

Macular degeneration, though, was setting in.  Soon the old Texan won’t even be able to drive. So John’s wife, Carolyn, began looking for the perfect Jeep. She wanted him to have the vehicle he’d always wanted, if only for the short time he had left to drive.

“[The family] started looking for the car in April, but sadly had no luck finding something in their price range. Then, last month, [John’s daughter] Jeana and her fiance Matt experienced what she describes as a ‘God Wink’ moment.”

“My Fiance Matt and I were out for a drive the day after Thanksgiving and we saw the Jeep for sale on the side of the road out in the country. It was PERFECT,” Jeana said.

“The seller had multiple offers from dealers and people who restore Jeeps but I told him my story about my father and how it was his dream car and how he had one year left to drive, so he reduced the price and we got it!”

Jeana and Matt had some work done to get the Jeep into good working condition and then gave it to their dad as a Christmas present.

“While my dad was inside eating my son came in and told him he couldn’t figure out the bike pump and needed his help pumping up the tires,” says Jeana.

“This made my dad start complaining about how he’s the only one that ‘knows how to do anything around this house’ and walked outside to see his surprise.”

That’s when he sees the Jeep in the driveway. “Shut up!” he shouted.

John seems to be making the most of the gift. He’s driven it, sure, but there’s more. “My mother even found him and the cat just sitting in it the other night around midnight. All he kept saying was ‘I can’t believe it’s mine’,” Jenna told DM.

“He has promised to give up his license next year (without a fight) and give the jeep away at that time,” she says. “Until then, he say’s he’s going to put all his time and money into his new ride.”

“My dad is such a great guy, who doesn’t ask for much in life. It was really great to be a part of making a dream of his come true.”