Doctor Claims Viral “Bear Man” Who Survived Mauling Was a Hoax and is Actually a Psoriasis Patient

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Earlier this week a viral news story broke that claimed a man was attacked by a bear, sustained a broken back, and then survived in the bear’s den for over a month. According to the man’s doctor, the incident was a hoax, and the man actually suffers from chronic psoriasis, an autoimmune condition that causes the rapid buildup of skin cells.

The man, who was only named as “Alexander” in Russian news outlets, claimed he was attacked by a large brown bear that broke his back and left him in his den to eat later. The story claimed that two hunting dogs stumbled upon him in the den earlier this week.

Dr. Rustam Isaev. the chief doctor of Aktobe Medical Centre in Kazakhstan, explained that this man was his patient.

In fact, Dr. Isaev stated the incident never took place in Russia and instead took place in Kazakhstan. He also relayed that his patient was never attacked by a bear. According to the Daily Mail, medics at Dr. Isaev hospital illegally took the video of Alexander and posted it online, something that Dr. Isaev vows to make right by firing those responsible.

“As chief doctor here I’m saying you, this is our guy, he is not from Tuva nor anywhere else in Russia,” Dr. Isaev explained. “Alexander P is a resident of Aktobe city in Kazakhstan. He was treated in our hospital and at the end of this week was discharged, in satisfactory condition, into his mother’s care. He suffers from psoriasis.”

The doctor added: “He had been lying at home, suffering from apathy, he did not want to live. He was in a depressive state. He did not get treatment for his skin condition. He neglected his psoriasis, and in such a state he was brought to us. Now his mother has taken him away.”

To further prove the incident was fake, Aktobe, Kazakhstan, is over 1,600 miles from where the original reports alleged the bear attack took place. The mother was reportedly “deeply upset” after the video of her son’s condition was put online.

Whoever illegally took the video posted it on YouTube and claimed the man was attacked by a bear and left for dead. Dr. Isaev hopes now that he has set the record straight these “rumors” will come to an end for his patient.

Those who live in the city of Aktobe also added to the validity of the doctor’s story as they recognized the man in the video as well.

“I am also trying to find out who filmed this….I am conducting an internal investigation. Obviously, these were our [employees],” Dr. Isaev told the Daily Mail. “Maybe they were resending to each other and then it went further, as often happens. Most likely these are young medical staff, who has no experience, who have never seen such patients.”