DNC Hiring Manager Says She Isn’t Looking for ‘Cisgender Straight While Males’ for Open IT Jobs

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The Democratic National Committee is hiring for a variety of vacancies in their tech department. While the organization typically makes grand claims about their inclusive hiring practices, a recent email message shows their diversity measures don’t necessarily include “cisgender straight white males,” as the group was singled out when employees were asked “not to forward” the information to that demographic.

As reported by Fox News, the email message asserts that the DNC is interested in hiring a “staff of diverse voices and life experiences,” but that apparently doesn’t extend to straight white males.

Madeleine Leader, the DNC’s Data Service Manager, said in the email, “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, as they are already in the majority.”

The term cisgender refers to anyone who feels their gender matches the sex they were assigned at birth.

A copy of the email was provided to The Daily Wire, showing eight IT-related vacancies at the DNC. They are searching for a Chief Security Officer, Full Stack Engineer, and IT Systems Administrator, among others.

Leader wrote, “As you may have heard, we are rebuilding the Technology Team into a robust well-oiled machine that can tackle all elections from the Presidential down to Dog Catcher and School Board. What’s more important is that we are focused on hiring and maintain a staff of diverse voices and life experiences, something that we desperately need if we hope to secure the future of our country.”

She added that they “are building a distributed Tech Team so most of our positions can be based wherever you happen to live.

Leader then encouraged those included in the email message to “let me know if you have any questions or concerns and feel free to forward to your contacts.”

Then, she added the caveat that requested the message not be forwarded to “cisgender straight white males” based on their current status as “the majority.”

While some research suggests that diversity in hiring has benefits, Leader’s message seems to promote excluding “cisgender straight white males” from the applicant pool specifically.

An anonymous source told The Daily Wire, “Clearly the DNC is doubling down on a failed strategy that has alienated staffers and voters alike. We want to be judged based on the quality of our work, not on identity politics.” The source added, “How can we trust the leadership of the DNC if they don’t even trust us?”