Disturbingly Violent Brawl Between Two Families at Disney Shows Man Striking Numerous Women [VIDEO]

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A disturbing video showed a violent brawl taking place within close proximity to children at Disneyland over the weekend. The video showed a man becoming angry after a woman allegedly spit on him. He then proceeded to attack numerous women and even knocked an elderly woman out of her wheelchair.

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California’s Disneyland was the place of a vicious fight that has law enforcement looking for the individuals in the video. Two men and two women, presumably their significant others, got into an all-out-brawl after the man in the pink shirt claimed the woman in the white shirt spit in his face.

In the four-minute video, the man in the pink can be heard saying: “Don’t disrespect my daughter…I don’t give a f**k b***h,” as he and the other man in the white shirt began to fight.

Stunned onlookers tried to split up the fight, but it was futile as the two men were much larger than those trying to stop them. As the two men fought, one of the aforementioned women can be heard yelling: “Hold my daughter!”

Another woman in the background of the video tries to discourage the fighting by yelling: “Stop it! Stop it!” A minute into the video, the man in pink is separated from the other man. He then headed towards the other man’s significant other and began striking her in the face and pulling her hair.

An elderly woman in a motorized wheelchair can be seen coming into frame, only to have her wheelchair pushed over. After a breif intermission, the women begin to fight amonst themselves. Understanding the situation is getting well out of hand, another concerned onlooker called out for security.

The fight only ends after three men tackle the man in the pink to the ground. He then proceeds to pick up his mother from the ground and walk away. Someone in the crowd shouted at the man in pink telling him he is going to jail.

“I don’t care about no video! I’m ready to go to jail tonight,” he retorted. Law enforcement showed up after the two parties were removed from the park. At this time, the Anaheim Police Department is investigating the matter but claimed those involved are being “uncooperative.”

Again, the footage is disturbing. Especially in the happiest place on earth.