Disturbing Dashcam Footage Shows People Being Pulled Over & Searched by Fake Police Officer [VIDEO]

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There is an accepted set of best-practices for traffic stops meant to keep everyone safe. Some of those lessons apply here, in this situation, and for pretty obvious reasons. If someone is pretending to be a police officer and actually pulling people over, odds are you shouldn’t stop and play along.

Yet that’s what was happening in Tuscon, Arizona, where a man was arrested after he pulled over several people in bogus traffic stops.

“The Tucson Police Department obtained bizarre dash cam footage from the unnamed individual’s vehicle that shows him arresting three people and handcuffing one during the December 19 incident,” The Daily Mail writes.

“The suspect identified himself as an undercover law enforcement officer and had a red and blue flashing visor light on a white 4-door sedan that he was driving,” the police posted on their Facebook page.

The man was also recording the interactions on his own dashcam.

The incidents struck some of the motorists as odd, so they called the police to ask about the situation.

“If you do not believe that you are being stopped by a legitimate police officer, you can call 911.” The police advised.

“All officers carry a badge and police identification with them. You can ask for their name, badge number, and department identification. 911 can verify the name and badge number of the officer.”

There should never be anything covert about traffic stops. Motorists are advised to pull over in well lit, public spaces. While some police do operate from unmarked cars, motorists are not required to pull over for an unmarked vehicle, but should take extra precautions if they are going to do so.

The false arrests landed the man in jail on kidnapping charges. He’s also been charged with impersonating an officer.