Dispute Between Construction Companies Results in Battle Between Bulldozers [VIDEO]

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Dozers 02

Some Chinese construction workers decided to settle a dispute the old fashioned way–with the epic destruction of construction equipment. What starts with two dozers gnashing their buckets quickly escalates quickly when an third and then a fourth enter the fracas. Who knew these heavy machines were so easy to upend?

And I’m deeply jealous. This is the dream of every three year old boy. Everyone who has ever smashed one Tonka truck with another Tonka truck has secretly envisioned exactly this. “If only I had a bulldozer…. I’d make you eat your words.

But my son would remind me that these are actually loaders. Front end loaders–not bulldozers. The front end loader is the rapier of construction equipment. It is strong, yet nimble. It can raise it’s bucket up much higher than a bulldozer. And they’re fast. A dozer may have a lower center of gravity, but–if you have a score to settle–I’d suggest the loader for its maneuverability.

Dozers 03

Though I guess that  low center of gravity could have been beneficial for this loser. As games of chicken often do, this one ended badly.

And I’m still not convinced that this isn’t the set of the Chinese remake of Arrested Development. The fight, all but the ending, follows the exact plot lines of “Work Stoppage,” when GOB and Buster Bluth square off in verbal sparing match that ends with the two brother going head to head in very slow moving heavy equipment.

And if you have a 3 year old boy looking over your shoulder, and want to keep from having to explain things the violent nature of man, push play on the video below. But I warn you–you can’t unhear this, and it is a catchy tune. Sing it with me now….

Loaders often work with Dump Trucks
Helping them to fill their beds up
With rocks and gravel and other stuff

Others might be better at digging holes
But no one loads a load like a loader loads
And they can play many other roles

Because there isn’t any on the road as good at loading heavy loads
Front End Loader, you’re as good as gold