Disney Illustrator Combines Star Wars and Calvin and Hobbes and the Result is Perfect

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With the latest Star Wars on everyone’s minds, we thought we might revel in a brilliant mash-up. The artwork here is by Brian Kesinger, an artist who works for Disney Studios. He’s mastered the look of Bill Watterson’s classic Calvin & Hobbes cartoons, but has added a twist of mixed Star Wars metaphors. Check out his work.

“Being a kid in the ’80s I was raised on a steady diet of Disney, Star Wars, and comic books, so being able to work on so many amazing films and projects has really been a dream come true,” Brian explained to The Verge.

“I was always amazed at how [Watterson] could draw anything from cute stuffed tigers to ferocious dinosaurs piloting fighter jets. His inking style seemed so casual and loose and yet the drawings were so solid.”

“I’m not the first to mash-up Calvin & Hobbes with pop culture. I think the difference here is that I went a little deeper with the idea. Once I really made the comparison that Kylo Ren was probably a difficult child much like Calvin, it really resonated with people. The metaphor was solidified when I made Darth Vader Kylo’s imaginary friend.”