Disney Bans Marine for Life Over Trump Sign in Ride Photo

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A Marine veteran has been banned from all Walt Disney World Parks for holding up a sign that read “Trump 2020” during the photo op moment on Splash Mountain. Dion Cini was escorted out of the park by “forty Disney employees” after he “held up the sign for two seconds so I can take a picture.”

Cini, according to a report by the New York Post, is an annual pass holder who has spent more than 1,000 days in various Disney Parks.

He shared details about the incident on Facebook, including a picture of a note from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that read: “Trespassed from all Walt Disney World properties to include, but not limited Theme Parks, Water Parks, Resorts and Disney Springs.”

“Conduct not welcome on WDW Property,” the note added.

“I held up the sign for two seconds, so I can take a picture,” said Cini during an interview. “You’re allowed to hold up signs on Disney rides — cameras, cellphones, and other stuff like that. People have been doing it for years. They just kicked me out ’cause of the context of the sign.”

Disney’s rules state that “unauthorized events, demonstrations or speeches, or the usage of any flag, banner or sign for commercial purposes, or to incite a crowd” are prohibited on their properties.

Cini was given a temporary ban in 2017 for displaying a “Trump 2020” banner at a Disney World park, but he asserted that the incident was much more significant, as it involved a 20-foot banner that he displayed just outside of the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Railroad Station.

“The first time might have been borderline inciting the crowd, and they called me back and said they’d let me in,” Cini stated. “The second time, I just held up a small sign…and I did not incite a crowd.”

“So, I actually proved my own theory,” he added. “That they kicked me out ’cause of the context of the sign and not the policy.”

Cini admitted he targeted Disney specifically because he’s “just not happy with them and the way they treat the president.” He believes his stunt proved that Disney is biased against Trump.

“I’d say the mission was accomplished,” he said. “Time to move on to other channels.”

Disney insists otherwise. “Walt Disney World welcomes all Guests to enjoy our parks,” said a spokesperson said in a statement. “However, demonstrations and the display of signs and banners is not permitted on the premises.”

Additionally, the spokesperson stated that signs on high-speed rides can be unsafe, adding, “We have previously reminded this guest about our rules.”