Detroit Police Officers Battle Each Other in Undercover Operation Gone Wrong

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An internal investigation has been launched by the local police department after two different precincts converged in an east side neighborhood and ended up fighting each other. When one precinct went undercover as drug dealers, while another acted as undercover buyers, both missions went awry when they began fighting their law enforcement brethren instead of actual criminals.

As reported by Fox News, two precincts of the Detroit Police Department were involved in what is being referred to as an “embarrassing incident,” which is now under investigation.

The events took place in Andover, a neighborhood on Detroit’s east side that is known to be plagued by drug activity, on Thursday.

Two special operations officers from the 12th Precinct arrived in Andover to operate a “push off,” where law enforcement pretend to be drug dealers as a way of identifying and arresting potential buyers.

But, instead of encountering regular buyers, the 12th Precinct officers were approached by members of the 11th Precinct, who were undercover as buyers, hoping to arrest drug dealers who offered to make a sale.

The 12th Precinct officers ordered their 11th Precinct counterparts to the ground, unaware that they were also law enforcement. Then, the rest of the 12th Precincts special operations officers assigned to the mission arrived and began raiding a nearby drug house.

As the two precincts battled one another, guns were allegedly drawn and punches thrown. The local homeowner reportedly witnessed the events unfold.

In the end, one officer was taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during the altercation.

Internal investigations is reviewing the incident, trying to determine what went wrong and how the two groups ended up fighting each other. Each officer involved is being investigated as part of the process.

“You have to have more communication,” said a local resident. “I don’t understand what happened about that – communicate.”

Reportedly, one of the units was wearing body cameras, capturing the events as they unfolded. The footage is also being reviewed as part of the investigation.

Top law enforcement officials have declined to comment on the incident currently, though may release a statement next week.