Dem Congresswoman Mocks Dr. Ben Carson. He Crushes Her With a Tweet “Since you brought it up…” [VIDEO]

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HUD Secretary Ben Carson is at odds with Rep. Ayanna Pressley after the two had a heated exchange of words during a recent hearing in which Pressley berated Carson and claimed he was “unqualified” to do his job. Carson drew the ire of numerous Democrats following the exchange, but one Congresswoman took a cheap shot at Carson only to have him hit right back.

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Rep. Ilhan Omar, an outspoken freshman Democratic Congresswoman, took a shot at Carson on Twitter following the heated exchange with her fellow Congresswoman. “Not sure he was fully awake, maybe he meant to reclaim his time back to sleep,” Omar tweeted in response to Carson’s actions Tuesday morning.

To the surprise of many, Carson, who is a medical doctor, responded to Omar, and he didn’t pull any punches. “Since you brought it up… I know what it’s like to actually be sleepy, especially after 18-hour surgeries and operating on babies in the womb,” he wrote back.

Carson took a dig at Omar’s abortion stance by stating: “I hope @IlhanMN knows I care about all people, even those she doesn’t recognize as having a right to life.”

Omar, who is pro-choice, has argued on Twitter in the past that “women’s rights are human rights.” Following Alamaba’s strict abortion law, Omar tweeted: “No child or woman should be forced to have pregnancy against her own will. These laws do not protect women’s rights it protects the violator committing these crimes.”

During Tuesday’s hearing, Carson was asked by Democratic California Rep. Katie Porter whether he knew what an REO (real estate owned properties) was. According to the Daily Caller, Carson thought Porter had asked if he knew what an Oreo cookie was.

Carson made light of the blunder by tweeting a picture of himself eating Oreo cookies after the meeting ended. He tagged Porter in the tweet.

Omar has had a history of tweeting digs at those who don’t share her ideology. At least Carson didn’t hold back when he responded. Perhaps Omar will think twice next time she calls someone out.