Delta Removes Man From Flight For Using Bathroom During 30-Minute Delay [VIDEO]

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Most people would probably rank soiling themselves in public as one of their biggest fears. Kima Hamilton clearly fits into that category, so when his flight was grounded and he reached the point of not being able to keep it in any longer, he did what anyone would do — He went to the bathroom, but Delta Airlines were not amused.

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The last few weeks have been a public relations nightmare for airlines in the US due to a spate of poorly-handled incidents and Delta have added their latest contribution to the seemingly ever-expanding list. A video has surfaced of a passenger, Kima Hamilton, being told to leave Delta Airlines Flight 2035 from Atlanta to Milwaukee on April 18 because he got up and used the bathroom while the plane was delayed on the tarmac.

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The flight was already boarded when the 39-year-old Hamilton, who was flying to Milwaukee to help run a school field trip, walked to the rear of the plane and asked a flight attendant if he could use the bathroom. The attendant said he couldn’t, stating that the flight would lose its place in the line if he did. Hamilton returned to his seat, but as the delay got longer, the urge to go got worse. In an action that took about a minute, Hamilton went to the bathroom, flushed, and returned to his seat feeling relieved.

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As he was about to sit down, Hamilton claims that an announcement was made over the plane’s intercom by the flight crew. “The pilot came on and said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we have to return to the gate and remove a passenger,'” Hamilton said. “It escalated to that point that fast.” When other passengers heard the announcement, they took out their phones to capture the moment.

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One of those passengers was Krista Rosolino, who was sitting across the aisle from Hamilton and she caught the ensuing madness in two separate videos. Hamilton can be heard asking the official, “Can you help me understand why… I need more information, I haven’t done anything,” only to be met with a the reply, “We’ll discuss this outside, not here. Come with me please.”

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The conversation went back and forth for around three minutes, with Hamilton stating his case. “I’m not really clear… I purchased this ticket, I had an emergency and needed to pee,” he said. “I tried to hold it the first time and I absolutely couldn’t, and now I’m being kicked off the plane? I haven’t done anything hostile.” Hamilton’s attempt was in vain, as he was still escorted off the plane. “We’re not kicking you off, we need to remove you because we need to discuss this further,” the official concluded.

h/t Daily Mail