Delta Flight 1827 Staff Asked If There Was a Doctor on Board. The ‘Nation’s Doctor’ Stepped Up

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When there’s a medical emergency on a flight, the crew typically asks if any of the passengers are doctors. On Wednesday, the staff on Delta Flight 1827 needed a doctor’s assistance and made the request. The person who offered to lend a hand was none other than Jerome Adams, the US Surgeon General.

The incident took place on a Delta Flight 1827, which was supposed to be heading to Jackson, Mississippi by way of Atlanta, Georgia. According to a report by the Washington Post, a medical emergency occurred before takeoff, leading the plane to return to the gate.

Trebor Banstetter, a Delta spokesman, said in an email, “Prior to takeoff, Delta flight 1827 from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta returned to the gate following a customer illness. Medical assistance was provided by the U.S. Surgeon General who worked with our flight crew to aid the customer.”

Adam’s confirmed the news in a tweet, saying, “On my @Delta flight to Jackson, Mississippi (by way of Atlanta), and they asked if there was a Doctor on board to help with a medical emergency- why yes- yes there was. Patient doing well and like a good #USPHS officer, I was glad to be able to assist!”

The precise nature of the medical emergency is unclear.

Adams is an anesthesiologist who previously served as the health commissioner in Indiana. He has been recognized for his response to an HIV outbreak in a rural Indiana county, where 181 people had been infected, as well as working to reduce panic during the Ebola outbreak last year.

Reportedly, Adams was head to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, located in Jackson, to discuss the opioid epidemic with Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and a panel of experts.

After hearing the news of Adams’ actions, Bryant praised the Adams for setting up during an emergency.