Deadspin Tries to Mock Ted Cruz’s Basketball Game on Twitter. He Trolls Them So Hard They Start Swearing

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Formerly Gawker owned sports blog Deadspin is apparently getting more political these days and decided to call out Texas Senator Ted Cruz earlier today due to the senator’s newfound interest in team sports and was even calling for anyone that could, to get their hands on photos of Cruz playing basketball.

Image 176

Deadspin was referencing this quote from a piece on POLITICO about the Texas senator:

Cruz appears intent on building—and in some cases repairing—personal relationships with Republican senators. He started a weekly basketball game in the Russell Building, for example, and has been urging colleagues to attend. (Cruz is said to be a surprisingly good jump-shooter with miserable form.) Tim Scott has played, and Marco Rubio is said to be joining soon.

This is part of Deadspin’s article:

Surely some of you reading this must work on the Hill, or know someone who works on the Hill, or know someone who is secretly sleeping in the men’s locker room in the Russell Building on the Hill. Either way, if you happen to snap a few photographs—or better yet, a video—of Ted Cruz in his raw, unbridled, soup-fueled athletic form, please for the love of god send them to [email protected]

It’s going to be a long four years. We need this.

And here is the tweet Deadspin sent out on Twitter to promote the article:

Image 171

Never one to shy away from a Twitter battle, Cruz responded with a photo of Duke’s Grayson Allen, who bears a striking resemblence to a young Ted Cruz:

Image 173

Here is a side by side of the two. The resemblence is definitely there and it was pretty witty of Cruz (and/or his social media manager) to pick up on it:

Image 172

You’d think a social media based company would take the opportunity to respond with a witty comment, or even better yet, a professionally made meme from their graphics department. However, from Deadspin, we get this:

Image 174

Well, then it was Cruz’s turn to actually use social media like it was designed and come back with a witty meme:

Image 175

The backlash from Twitter users was almost universally against Deadspin who seemed to take an extremely negative tone almost immediately.