Deadpool Was Just Banned in One of the Largest Movie Markets in the World

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If you’re a fan of superhero movies, the Marvel universe, or Ryan Reynolds, you’re probably familiar with the upcoming release of Deadpool.

Well, it looks like the highly anticipated film is going to miss the second largest movie audience in the world – China. The Deadpool movie is reportedly very loyal to the comic books, which feature gratuitous violence, nudity, and adult language. China has far stricter standards for movie ratings that the US.

According to Cinema Blend:

It’s not uncommon for films to be edited for release in China because of these restrictions. However, that’s apparently not feasible here. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the edits required would cause problems with the plot, so it simply can’t be done here without destroying the story. We’re going to assume this means that major plot points may take place during scenes of excessive violence or sex, not that the excessive violence is itself is a plot point. Although, when you’re dealing with Deadpool who knows for sure?

Since obtaining an R-rating has always been the goal for Deadpool, this can’t come as a great shock to 20th Century Fox. Everybody involved has spoken at length about how making an R-rated film was important to character and how they were going to go all out to use the rating to the best of their ability. Whether anybody considered overseas markets while these conversations were happening is unclear, but it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. India couldn’t handle excessive kissing in Spectre so don’t be surprised if they have to skip out on a theatrical exhibition of Deadpool either.

It sounds like the makers of Deadpool are standing by their guns and refusing to tone down the film just to reach a few hundred million more people, as is evidenced by the following trailer (NSFW):