“David doesn’t beat Goliath this time.” New Details on McDonald’s Fight [VIDEO]

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The internet went crazy yesterday for video of a epic brawl that broke out in a McDonald’s. The two women in the fight were not, by any means, equally matched, and this only fueled viewers’ enthusiasm. Now both of the women have been identified and have spoken about the events that led to the amazing beat-down.

“Erika Chavolla, 24, was working at a Las Vegas McDonald’s when she got into a dispute with the 24-year-old customer after she allegedly tried to fill up a water cup with free soda,” The Daily Mail writes.

“Sabrinah Fontelar [below], of Las Vegas, has since bragged on Instagram that she was the customer in the video and has posted screen grabs from the shocking video[…].”

Chavolla and Fontelar wouldn’t fight in the same weight class if they were stepping into the ring. Still, it seems like the much smaller Fontelar is the one who picked the fight. She began with the soda, and then escalated the war of words.

When Chavolla comes out from behind the counter, Fontelar throws a milkshake at her and then hits her in the face with a tray. That was all it took.

Chavolla’s fury, when unleashed, is something to see. During the fight, the two combatants discuss the reputation of Chavolla’s mother. Fontelar has an epic wardrobe malfunction, and then Chavolla ends the fight by slamming Fontelar into a table.

Or not. Fontelar, as she is being pulled off by another employee, attacks the second woman. That employee then exchanges some blows with her and the fight resumes again. Near the end, Chavola yells, “my momma aint dead, you respect my momma!”

After everything seems to be over, Fontelar–who doesn’t know when to quit–comes back at Chavolla with an aluminum chair. To Chavolla’s credit, the woman simply takes it from her.

Fontelar was reportedly charged with battery over the incident.

Chavolla says she has kept her job at McDonald’s.  “She also showed off a scratch on her hand, from where she ‘hit her in the teeth’,” DM writes.

“It’s crazy, people think just ’cause you’re working…” she said. “She was trying to smack for a long time.”

“I wasn’t even going to hit her. When there’s a big girl coming towards her, she started freaking out.”

“Dont talk about my momma!” she added.

“That s**t was crazy, it went everywhere,” Chavolla said after the video went viral. “I seen all the mean stuff they posting.”

TMZ, who broke the story, concludes with this: “David doesn’t beat Goliath this time.” Too true.