Dash Cam Shows Pack of Aggressive Bikers Wipe Out After Blocking Traffic [VIDEO]

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Civic disobedience is becoming increasingly common. Who doesn’t love a good road block now and then? Almost as satisfying as sitting idly by while disaffected youth wave placards and shout abuse is watching them go down, hard. And if you could use a bit of that right now, we offer this video of a soothing rolling roadblock fail.

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It isn’t clear exactly what instigated the roadblock, or if there is a cause to their rebellion at all. Many of these things, the biker kind, have a share-the-road spirit of civility at their core. The mass of bikers raise awareness of bike-related safety issues.

This one, though, outside of the nation’s capital? It lacked dignity. The group took to the Capital Beltway Sunday. It isn’t clear if the protest was organized. It ended in a very disorganized fashion.

April Corey happened to be riding behind it, The Daily Mail reports, and she caught the incident on her cell phone.

The sport bikes were zipping around, and blocking others from passing them. They were clearly behaving erratically, and not following traffic laws, but they were also simply showing off. “This is unbelievable, they are riding on one wheel,” the driver of the car says.

Then a wheelie goes awry. A biker goes down in a shower of fractured plastic. The highway was littered with debris. Others came to the man’s aid.

A couple of friends even tried to get the bike off the road. Then there is the sound of sirens, and the bonds of friendship were tested.

The bike in the middle of the road? That’s abandoned too, as the rider bolts.