Dallas Murderer Left Mysterious Message in Blood at Scene of His Death [VIDEO]

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Police are trying to figure out a mysterious message left written in blood by the Dallas mass murderer before he died of injuries from an explosive carried by a remote controlled robot in a parking garage. [Scroll Down For Video]

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The suspect wrote the letters “RB” in his own blood inside the parking garage before dying of his injuries.

“We’re convinced that this suspect had other plans and thought that what he was doing was righteous and believed that he was going to target law enforcement — make us pay for what he sees as law enforcement’s efforts to punish people of color,” Brown said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

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“We are trying to figure out what those initials mean, but we haven’t determined that yet,” Brown said.

“At the scene where he was killed, he wrote some lettering in blood on the walls, which leads us to believe he was wounded on the way up the stairwell, on the second floor of the El Centro building and where we detonated the device to end the standoff there was more lettering written in his own blood,” he said.


“We’re sworn to protect you and your right to protest, and we’ll give our lives for it,” Brown said.

“And it’s sort of like being in a relationship where you love that person, but that person can’t express or show you love back,” he said during the interview with Tapper. “I don’t know if you’ve been in a relationship like that before, Jake, but that’s a tough relationship to be in, where we show our love — because there’s no greater love than to give your life for someone, and that’s what we’re continuing to be willing to do.”


Brown also mentioned that a journal had been recovered from the suspect’s home and it contained disturbing ramblings that are also hard to decipher.

Five police officers were killed and seven others shot during the attack on Thursday night during a protest against police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Before dying, the suspect expressed his desire to kill white Americans, specifically white police officers to police negotiators during a multi-hour standoff.