Dad Reinvents Virtual Reality, Wins Dad of the Year [VIDEO]

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This parenting thing isn’t so hard, at least not if you follow the example of Hong Kong resident Newman Chan. He’s developed a new twist on Virtual Reality, and the result has millions on FaceBook calling him Dad of the Year.

The video below says it all. Chan lifted his daughter up with her tricycle and bumped, tilted, jostled and shook the girl in sync with a video of a careening mountain biker playing on the flat screen in front of them. How can you tell its working?

[scroll down for video]

Easy. Just listen for the giggles.

Newman Chan b

Literalists everywhere may take issue with the virtual part of this virtual reality experience. The act isn’t that much different than old fashioned games of horsey, or balancing your kid on your feet pointed up while they pretend they’re airplanes.

Still, Chan’s the man–safety wise. Not only does the tricycle have protective arms that keep the girl in the saddle, but she’s also wearing a great helmet. I’d hate to see how much gear she wears when she goes for real rides–you know–outside.

But it is the next-level that really sells this. The girl’s field of view is limited by the helmet and goggles, so the effect must seem very real. And I’d be willing to try it, so long as Mr. Chan’s version of the bike ride doesn’t include the massive crash that comes at the end of the cyclist’s ride. But I would need a bigger tricycle, and Mr. Chan is going to need to beef up even more for my ride.

Entrepreneurs may want to get in on this game early. What else could we do with a bit of jostling from a hired hand? There could be a whole industry here.

And the parenting part of this could also revolutionize the in-home exercise market. Chan’s joyride begins to look a lot like cardio by the end of this. Healthy hearts–giggling kids–Dad of the Year.