Dad Has Absolute Meltdown After Bullies Attack His Son at Skate Park [VIDEO]

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Video has emerged showing a father absolutely losing it after bullies verbally abused and threatened his 12-year-old son while at a skate park. As he confronted the children, he choked one of the boys and threw another down a half-pipe. The incident was caught on camera and made its way to Facebook.

[Scroll down for video]

The altercation took place on Sunday at Goonellabah skate park in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, according to a report by Unilad. In an official statement, local police said that a group of boys was abusing and threatening the man’s son, and even chased the 12-year-old from the park.

When the boy returned to the skate park, he had a man with him, who is believed the be the boy’s father.

The group, which consisted of 12-year-old boys, continued to harass the child. The father then snapped and began attacking the kids.

Initially, the man was sitting on a wall. He got up and headed over to one of the boys in the group, grabbing the kid’s scooter and shoving the child backward while grabbing the boy’s neck.

Someone in the background shouts, “F***ing leave him alone,” but the man pressed on, swinging the scooter over the child’s head and knocking his hat to the ground.

The man then focuses on another boy, who he charged while brandishing a scooter and shoved off the edge of a half-pipe. The father then tossed the scooter he was holding, grabbed another, and threw that one too.

Kids can be heard screaming and swearing throughout the clip.

“The man allegedly assaulted one of the youths and threw his scooter,” said police. “Officers from Richmond Police District were notified and commenced an investigation.”

Local law enforcement has asked anyone with knowledge of the incident to come forward.