Cruise Ship Passenger Dressed as a Clown Sparks Massive Brawl [VIDEO]

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Mayhem broke out on a cruise ship early Friday morning after a man dressed in a clown outfit walked into a black-tie dinner, which angered certain guests. The massive brawl left families cowering in fear as furniture and silverware were used as weapons in the fight that left three women and one staff member with “significant bruising and cuts.”

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Passengers on the P&O Britannia cruise ship heading from Norway to England watched in horror as the brawl took place in the early morning hours of July 26. Britain journalist Richard Gaisford was on the ship at the time of the incident and explained that the fight began after a man wore a clown outfit to a high-end black-tie dinner.

“One witness, part of a group involved in the trouble, explained to staff that things kicked off when another passenger appeared dressed as a clown. This upset one of their party because they’d specifically booked a cruise with no fancy dress. It led to a violent confrontation,” he wrote on Twitter.

The buffet area where the fight took place was blocked off, but Gaisford explained that there was “blood everywhere.” According to Fox News, the parties involved in the brawl were confined to their rooms for the last day of the week-long trip.

“Witnesses told me they were so frightened they had to hide, as family groups fought,” Gaisford wrote on Twitter the following day. There were large amounts of alcohol consumed before the incident took place, the New York Post reported.

A female cruise ship entertainer explained how the mayhem unfolded. “There was a person dressed as a clown and this upset the other passengers,” she said. “Things got out of hand very quickly, people had been drinking, and there was a fight … Chairs and plates were being thrown, people were very angry … It was shocking to see and some of the staff and passengers were scared and had to hide.”

Once the ship made landfall, a 41-year old woman and a 43-year-old man were arrested by police.

P&O Cruises issued a statement regarding the brawl. “Following an incident onboard Britannia on Thursday evening we can confirm that all guests have now disembarked and the matter is now in the hands of the local police.”