Crown Jewels Stolen. Police Chase Thieves in Speedboats

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On Tuesday, a pair of thieves managed to make off with two royal crowns and a royal orb that were being stored in a cathedral. Two men were seen hopping into a speedboat near the scene, and local law enforcement soon coordinated a pursuit, hoping to recover the “priceless” items and arrest the suspected thieves.

The incident took place at Strängnäs Cathedral, which is located in southeastern Sweden, about 50 miles from Stockholm. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the thieves managed to take off with the royal crowns of 17th-century monarchs King Karl IX and Queen Kristina, along with a royal orb.

Thomas Agnevik, a spokesman for the local police, stated that no arrests had been made at this time.

“It’s 1-0 to them right now,” he stated.

The crown jewels are considered priceless.

Agnevik explained, “I have talked to someone at the county administrative board that says it is not possible to put an economic value on them – these are invaluable objects of national interest.”

After taking the jewels, two men were seen jumping into a speedboat outside of the cathedral, which was open to the public at the time of the theft.

Agnevik stated that local authorities are seeking a “small and open” motorboat. A helicopter was sent out to find the thieves, but nothing has been found thus far.

“We have some different information about how exactly the boat looked,” said Agnevik.” We are now examining all the tips we receive.”

“By boat, you can reach Mälaren, Köping or Arboga in the west, or Västerås, Eskilstuna or Stockholm if you go east. We will direct our searches in all these directions.”

The crown jewels were secured in glass boxes inside the cathedral, but the thieves were able to gain access and make off with the items.

The cathedral will be closed tomorrow as the investigation is still ongoing.