Couple’s Gender Reveal Goes Terribly, Terribly Wrong [VIDEO]

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A couple hoped to capture a magical moment with their gender reveal, but the hopefully sweet and exciting moment took a turn towards the hilarious thanks to the father-to-be.  Kristen and Sean, the couple in the video, set up the reveal on a lacrosse field, but Sean couldn’t get on target to break the balloon.


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At first, 31-year-old Sean just couldn’t hit the balloon.  Multiple misses led to some initial embarrassment, but then the balloon was pulled from its post completely intact thanks to some wind.



Onlookers were left curious as the couple was unable to rescue the balloon.


In the end, Kristen, 31, resorted to a less elaborate reveal using two different colored shirts instead of the confetti filled balloon.  She took action by using a red and blue jersey that was available on the field, thanks to one of her husband’s assistants.  Ultimately, the couple shows the crowd that they are expected a boy, due in August.



When asked about the reveal gone wrong, and reported by the Daily Mail, Kristen said, “As a birthday present for my husband, I was trying to do a surprise gender reveal in front of his [lacrosse] team after one of their games.”

Kristen continued that she thought it was an appropriate location, as it was the same field where he had proposed to her.

While Kristen was surprised when the balloon took flight, she already knew the gender, allowing the situation to veer towards humorous instead of something more disappointing.

The couple also have a five-year-old daughter