Couple Looks on in Despair as Cruise Ship Leaves Them Behind [VIDEO]

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The moment an unlucky couple was left behind by their cruise ship was caught on video. The clip ultimately made its way onto social media, showing the pair trying to signal someone on board as the ship pulled away from the port on February 15, day six of a seven-day excursion.

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The incident involved a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, at a port in Nassau, Bahamas, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The ship was leaving Nassau on its way to its final destination in Miami, Florida.

A person on a nearby the Norwegian Bliss captured the moment on video.

The all-aboard call came through at about 3:30 pm. By 4:15 pm, cruise ship workers removed the gangway and closed the ship’s hatch, preparing the Royal Caribbean ship to leave.

About five minutes later, the couple arrives near the ship with a few bags in tow, potentially carrying goods bought while in Nassau or items they wanted to have on hand during an excursion.

The couple initially waves frantically, trying to catch the eye of someone on the Symphony of the Seas. While passengers can see the couple, they seem a bit complacent as they stand on their balconies as the ship pulls away.

After a moment, the couple appears to give in to the situation and start to merely watch the ship pull away. While they do speak to a few dockworkers, there seems to be little they can do.

Obviously distraught, the couple then walks down the pier, glancing at the ship that left them behind.

If the couple was late to the ship because of an action by Royal Carribean – such as a tour booked through the cruise line running late – then the company would have been obligated to assist them in getting to Miami.

However, if the pair was late for any other reason – such as a privately booked tour running late or spending too much time wandering on their own – the cruise line isn’t required to assist. At that point, the couple would have been stuck finding their own way back.

It isn’t clear which situation applied based on the video.