Country Star Unleashes New Song on NFL Protesters: ‘Take a Knee, My A

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The political divide surrounding the National Anthem protests just got a little bit wider. Country music artist Neal McCoy has put out a couple of videos of his take on a song called “Take a Knee, My Ass.” The title pretty much says is all. The song has struck a chord with many of those who stand for the anthem.

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One of the videos is from Branson, Missouri, where McCoy regularly performs. Though the message is not comical, McCoy’s take on it seems lighthearted, even when the lyrics are not.

“When I see someone on TV take their stand by bending their knee, whether it be on astro turf or grass,” the lyrics say. “I think of those whose freedom was not free, and I say: ‘Take a knee – my ass!’”

McCoy has taped himself saying the pledge with many different people, and includes some of the footage in the video.

“I think it’s something that some people are scared to step up and say something about it, but if you give them an opportunity to echo it through you then they jump right in,” McCoy told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday.

“McCoy said he has gotten some flack for his recording,” writes Fox, “some people even calling him a racist. Others have encouraged him, though, saying they agree with his message.”

McCoy’s grandfather served in the first world war. His father met his Filipino mother during his service in the Korean war. IT was his mother, though, that McCoy says truly taught him the meaning of American freedoms.

Here’s the official video for the song from McCoy’s YouTube channel.

For more on the song and on McCoy’s unique take on patriotism, check out this interview.