Country Music Superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Talk ‘Common Sense’ Gun Laws

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With mass shootings in the public spotlight again, gun control rhetoric is bound to follow. Democrats have pushed for stricter gun laws after the most recent mass shooting only to be blocked by the Republican party. Two country music superstars have taken upon themselves to speak positively about gun control for the sake of public safety.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill come from a typically conservative sector of society as country music performers. The husband and wife duo are gun enthusiasts but also are asking for more “common sense” gun laws.

“Look, I’m a bird hunter — I love to wing-shoot,” McGraw told Billboard. “However, there is some common sense that’s necessary when it comes to gun control.”

McGraw acknowledged that gun enthusiasts commonly rely on the Second Amendment as their argument for not needing stricter gun laws. “They want to make it about the Second Amendment every time it’s brought up. It’s not about the Second Amendment,” he said.

Hill spoke on one of the more recent mass shootings in Las Vegas when Stephen Paddock shot and killed 58 people and wounded 400 more. She referenced the carnage carried out by Paddock as something you would “see in war.”

In the same Billboard article, Hill said she understands an American’s right to possess a firearm but also argued against military weaponry. “Military weapons should not be in the hands of civilians. It’s everyone’s responsibility, including the government and the National Rifle Association, to tell the truth,” she said.

McGraw’s and Hill’s choice words about gun control and the NRA come one week after David Patrick Kelley stormed a church in Sutherland, Texas wearing body armor and a grim reaper mask. He opened fire on men, women and children, killing 26 and injuring 20 more.

After the shooting, the House of Representatives held a moment of silence that Democrat Ted Lieu refused to participate in. Lieu said he could no longer be silent about the issue. This is a hot topic on both sides of the aisles, and it isn’t going away any time soon.