Mosques Refuse To Bury Manchester Suicide Bomber’s Corpse

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In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK, last week, an unexpected problem has arisen — What to do with the remains of Salman Abedi’s body, the suicide bomber responsible for the deaths of 22 people at the event and injuring over 100 more.

Abedi’s corpse is being kept in a morgue outside of Manchester as councils and funeral directors refuse to deal with it. Furthermore, sources say that authorities are willing “to do everything in their power” to stop him being laid to rest in the city, be it buried, cremated or otherwise. This latest move follows in the precedent set only weeks ago when councils across the UK refused to handle the remains of Moors Murderer Ian Brady, who wanted his ashes scattered in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland.

According to a source speaking to the Manchester Evening News, “Just like Ian Brady, every effort is going in to making sure that there is not a chance Abedi can be buried or cremated in Greater Manchester.” Abedi’s remains are currently the property of the coroner, however, as a measure of respect, his body has never been kept in the same location as those of his victims.

The final decision on the topic of what to do with Abedi’s corpse will ultimately fall squarely on the shoulders of the coroner after the completion of an inquest into the incident. Abedi’s family can not receive the remains as his parents, Ramadan and Samia, as well as younger brother, Hashem, 20, are currently all in Libya. Both his father and his younger brother are both in detention in Libya, with Hashem, 20, apparently having ties to ISIS and planning an attack in Tripoli. Abedi’s older brother, Ismail, 24, is still in custody in Manchester.

Although 16 people have been charged in connection with the attack, counter-terrorism police said last night that they now believe it is possible that Salman Abedi may have acted alone, claiming that in the four days after returning to the UK from Libya, Abedi bought the components on his own and built the bomb for the attack by himself. Three suspects in the attack were released last night without charge.

h/t Daily Mail