COSTCO Rejects Donation Made to Children’s Miracle Network Because It Came from Gun Company

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Sacramento Black Rifle has a history of generous donations to the Children’s Miracle Network. They use Costco to help facilitate the gift and, in return, had the ability to display a large banner at the Citrus Heights, California, location. However, the most recent donation has been rejected after a “customer complaint” about the banner was filed.

Sacramento Black Rifle manager Nick Robertson states, according to a report by Townhall Finance, that the Costco location originally said the complaint came from an employee but later labeled it a “customer complaint.” The retailer said that the Costco corporate office rendered a decision, saying that the banner had to be removed.

After word about the decision traveled, representatives from the Roseville, California, Costco came into the Sacramento Black Rifle gun store, saying they would welcome the donation and, in exchange, would happily display the banner.

The representatives claimed there was no corporate policy barring them from showcasing the banner, so Black Rifle worked with the location and submitted their $500 donation to the Children’s Miracle Network.

However, a follow-up letter said the donation was being rejected. The message read: “Pursuant to Costco Wholesale’s Regional Office direction. (Enclosed) please find your company check for $500.00 made out to COSTCO WHSE 00 representing a refund of your CMN banner donation made to Roseville Costco on April 3rd, 2018.”

Inside the envelope was the original donation check.

According to Rob Adams, the owner of Sacramento Black Rifle, the company has donated around half a million dollars to various local causes, including the Children’s Miracle Network, which they have given to for the last five years.

Another Costco located in Reno, Nevada, soon requested the donation from Sacramento Black Rifle and even displayed the banner for a month. However, after receiving a complaint, the banner was removed and the money refunded.

Reportedly, the Roseville store does display ads promoting a variety of products, including one featuring alcohol and another that is said to reference marijuana use.

When asked about the decision, Robertson said he “can’t comment” on why the donation was rejected or whether information about the store featuring other banners was accurate.