Cops Fired After Running Away During Officer Involved Shooting

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When the parents of Daniel Moncada called 911, they were looking for help. They said their son was out of control, “throwing things around the house and causing a disturbance.” When officers arrived, they confronted Moncada in a bedroom in the home. Then, Moncada shot at one of the officers with a shotgun, prompting one officer to return fire.

Sergeant Steven Castillo was sent out to respond to the call on early Monday morning, heading to a home on Spring Dale Street in San Antonio. According to a report by Fox 29, two probationary officers – rookie officers with less than one year of experience after leaving the academy – were accompanying Castillo.

When Castillo and the probationary officers arrived at the home, they were directed to a bedroom. Moncada was inside the bedroom and had a shotgun.

One officer tried to talk to Moncada initially, but things devolved quickly.

Detectives state that Moncada attempted to shoot Castillo with the shotgun. Castillo returned fire, killing Moncada.

Police Chief William McManus said the incident was an “unavoidable shooting.”

However, the two probationary officers reportedly ran off when the gunfire started.

McManus confirmed that the officers, who were not identified, were subsequently fired for their actions. He noted that they would not face criminal charges for leaving the site of an officer-involved shooting.

“I felt it best that these two officers need to look for another profession,” McManus stated.

“We expect officers to react in a certain way and it didn’t happen,” McManus clarified. “In order to protect SAPD officers we felt it best to let these officers go.”

Castillo, who has 26 years of experience as an officer, was placed on administrative duty pending an investigation of the officer-involved shooting.