Cop Uses ‘Scared Straight’ Tactic on Out-of-Control 13-Year-Old

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Most of what America’s police officers face in the day-to-day execution of their duties will not make headlines. Yet the services they provide touch lives. The video below captures on of those moments perfectly. Two officers stepped in for a family and offered one 13-year-old the opportunity to reevaluate his life choices.

The footage is from A&E’s Live PD. The show is similar to Cops, only less gratuitous. This segment begins with a call about a 13-year-old, Miles, who has attacked his mother’s boyfriend.

The two officers roll up on the situation and immediately encounter Miles. From the start, he’s combative and defiant.

The kid is big, too. He’s too much for either his mother or her boyfriend to handle, physically. But the cops arrive with badges, guns, handcuffs, and authority. And that last one is too much for Miles.

He caves quickly in the face of a more dominant figure.

The two cops split up and use the threat of arrest to get the boy’s attention.

It works.

The look on his face changes rapidly. He seems to understand for the first time that this is real.

They put hi in the back of the car and leave him alone.

Then they go back to explain the strategy of their game to the parents.

After a bit, they ask Miles for an explanation.

And offer him another chance.

There’s no follow-up on how long this transformation lasts, but Miles seems very willing to make amends.

The segment ends with a new beginning. What happens next, though, is up to this mother. She has to carry the momentum of the moment into something meaningful.