Cop Shot and Killed by Passengers He Was Trying to Rescue From Wrecked Car [VIDEO]

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A 38-year-old Indiana police officer was shot and killed Thursday afternoon after responding to a call of a car crash. When arriving at the scene, the officer was shot multiple times by occupants inside one of the crashed vehicle. Two other officers on the scene returned fire striking the two shooters, both of which are currently in custody with non-life threatening injuries.

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Lt Aaron Allan, who was dubbed “Teddy Bear,” was a six year veteran of Southport Police Department and had over 20 years of law enforcement at the time of his death.

One of the two suspects involved in the shooting, Jason Brown, will be facing charges of preliminary murder, according to Fox News. The motive for the killing is still unknown to law enforcement.

According to the Washington Post, the 28-year-old shooter had no violent priors and had only been sentenced to jail for 30 days regarding a marijuana possession charge.

In a statement released by Police Chief Thomas Vaughn, he and his department remembered Allan for who he was.

“Lt Allan was a hard worker and today was no different. He responded to a crash with urgency to preserve life and tragically his was lost. We appreciate the community support as we continue to work through the loss of our brother.”

It was reported by the Daily Mail that Allan wanted to be a police officer ever since he was a five-year-old boy. Sgt Kendale Adams of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department told the media Thursday night that officer Allan had passed away at a nearby hospital shortly after being shot.

The surrounding area was shocked at the news. “This never should happen to any police officer, especially when they’re giving their time to help our community,” Betsy Strohm, a resident of the Southport neighborhood said. “This is very, very sad.”

In a press conference, the mayor of Indianapolis, Joe Hogsett, used this tragic incident to remind residents of the dangers that officers endure on an everyday basis. This is a “tragic reminder of the difficult, often dangerous work of police officers.”