Cop Fires Through His Own Windshield and Kills a Murder Suspect During High Speed Chase [VIDEO]

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Video footage of a high speed chase has gone viral, not because of the tension of the chase itself but the heroism displayed by the pursuing officer. After being shot at numerous times by men suspected of a murder, the cop pulls his service pistol and fires through his own windshield. And he hit his mark.

“Thomas Romero, 25, was shot dead at a car wash in Las Vegas last week,” The Daily Mail writes. Rene Nunez and Fidel Miranda were suspected of the murder. When officers tried to apprehend them, the two men fled.

Las Vegas Police officers William Umana and Paul Solomon found a vehicle that matched witness descriptions from the murder and gave chase. This was 9:30 am on July 11.

The pursuit was action packed. The two men fleeing in the black SUV were blowing through intersections and driving against traffic. When the police approached, the men opened fire with hand guns.

The officers narrated the chase on the radio, asking for both backup and a helicopter, so they could fall back to a safer distance.

One of the pursuing officers took out his service pistol and waited for the shot. When he was close enough, he fired.

He shot one-handed, at first, then tried to brace the wheel with his forearms and shoot through the windshield with a two-handed grip.

The SUV then drove into the side of an elementary school.

The officer in the body-cam footage rolled up behind the SUV and changes his magazine and comes out shooting. The second officer rolled up and exited his vehicle with a shotgun, which he then fired into the SUV.

Rene Nunez, 30 (above), was shot and later arrested. Fidel Miranda, 22 (below), was killed in the shootout.

There were around 100 kids inside the school at the time. The school was locked down.

Police recovered three handguns from the SUV. One was a 9mm Taurus. Another was a .45 GLOCK. The third was a .40 Smith & Wesson.

Nunez now faces “two counts of murder, three of attempted murder of police, and one of disobeying an officer resulting in death.”