Cop Fired After Drawing Weapon & Acting Out Scene From “Training Day” [VIDEO]

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Police officers have suffered badly in the court of public opinion recently. Cellphone videos have been cropping up almost daily, and few of them highlight the heroism of officers. And now there’s a new twist. A sheriff’s deputy outside of Orlando, Florida was fired after he was recorded acting out scenes from the movie, “Training Day.”

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WESH 2 News reports that Lake County Deputy Dean Zipes “rubbed his pistol and stun gun together, replicating actions by Washington’s character” in “Training Day.” The 2001 film was about a corrupt cop. Zipes antics were witnesses by an officer who was still training.

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When called to answer for his actions, Zipes admitted that he thought it would be funny. Another deputy that witnessed the foolishness told internal affairs “she was upset that a deputy would act in an unsafe manner and in public where a witness could drive by and see it.”

The incident occurred in February, in the parking lot of the sheriff’s department, and was captured on dashcam. Less than a week later, Zipes was fired. Here is the original scene from the movie. Those offended by language or violence should wait for the edited version at the end of this article.

WESH obtained an incident report from internal affairs that listed a number of complaints against Zipes. While none appeared overly malicious, all showed a clear lack of judgement. He reportedly pulled a gun on a pizza delivery driver, and had joked “that he was alleged cop killer Markeith Loyd.” He reportedly pulled his firearm on two separate occasions while inside the sheriff’s office, and was also accused of using racial slurs.

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Zipes, in his defense, noted that he was only trying to “lighten the mood.”