Cop Approaches Teens Playing Basketball After Complaint. Then He Shocks Them. [VIDEO]

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A video posted to Facebook by the Gainesville, FL police department is going viral on Facebook, and not for the usual reasons. Police received a call about some kids playing basketball too loudly.

Officer Bobby White was sent to respond. After approaching the teens, the officer said, ‘We got a call about some kids playing basketball in the street – can you believe it? Obviously, I ain’t got no problem with it.”

Officer White then joined in on the basketball game, even making several shots. White said he would try to come back the next day with some other officers and get a real game going.

The video seems to be changing some people’s minds about police officers. One commenter wrote the following:

‘I really hate and resent cops. Because too often they use their position and badge to commit crimes and murders against innocent children, men, and women, and their words are taken as absolute truth.

‘Officer Bobby White has given me reason to pause and contemplate the idea that there really are good cops out there, and it may not be a myth that cops and cop lovers are trying to perpetuate,’

Here’s the video description posted along with the video to the Gainesville PD Facebook page:

Officer White was recently dispatched to a call of kids playing basketball “loudly” in the streets. In the evening. Having fun. Not committing crimes. Let’s see how he handled it.