Concealed Carry Instructor Shoots Student During “Trigger Pull Test”

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Gun violence has become commonplace in America, especially with the influx of gang activity and the number of mentally ill. What is uncommon is to hear about a concealed carry instructor accidentally shooting one of his students in what the instructor called a “trigger pull test.” Luckily, it was a flesh wound.

The shooting incident took place on August 10 at Ben Clark Training Center’s gun range in Riverside, California. Accoridng to a police report, the instructor reportedly went around to all the students to make sure all bullets were empty from the clips.

For reasons that are unknown, the instructor proceeded to point the firearm in the direction of a student and conduct a “trigger pull test,” which resulted in the student being shot in the leg, NY Daily News reported.

The incident has left many law-abiding gun owners to question why anyone, nonetheless an instructor, would point the business end of a firearm at a student before pulling the trigger to make sure it was empty.

This breaks a cardinal rule in gun safety. The man shot was reportedly a county employee who was not there in a work capacity but rather as a private citizen, county spokeswoman Brooke Federico said.

“Paramedics arrived and the citizen was transported to a local hospital where he received treatment for a non-life-threatening wound,” the police report stated.

Ironically, Ben Clark Training Center proclaims on its website that it “focuses on a unified system of training to include law enforcement, fire, custody and emergency medical practitioners.”

“At the Ben Clark Training Center, we are adamant that we should not just meet the need of our agencies who attend our classes but exceed all expectations,” another blurb on their website reads.

The “accidental discharge” is now being investigated by police. In 2018, a law was passed in California that stated one must take 16 hours of firearm safety, shooting techniques, and firearm law before being able to obtain a concealed weapons permit, the Desert Sun reported.