Company Sells Hand Carved ‘Luxury’ Ice Cubes–$325 Will Get You 50

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A marginal number of drinkers in this country have a new way to obsess about their habit. It isn’t the liquor they’re consuming, though, but the (very expensive) ice in their glasses. If you have the money, you can now spend more on one ice cube than most Americans would spend on the drink they go in.

“If you’re drinking top-shelf liquor,” Business Insider writes, “you’d better be enjoying it with top-shelf ice.”

Glace, a company out of California, is now selling ice cubes that have are surprisingly expensive. A bag of ice, one that contains 50 individual cubes, retails for $325. Each cube comes out to $6.50.

What makes a Glace cube better than the rest? Most ice is made from tap water. The quality is dependent on the quality of tap water, which varies wildly across the nation.

Glace, though, is making ice that is free of the contaminants commonly associated with tap water. The water they freeze is free from impurities. It also comes in a resealable package to keep it from taking on the flavors commonly associated with your freezer.

“Our elegant design provides minimum dilution and maximum cooling, greatly enhancing enjoyment at the point of consumption,” Glace claims. “Glace Luxury Ice provides consumers with a top-shelf choice for ice that matches their premium spirit selection.”

These pricey cubes com in two basic varieties. One, the G-Cubed, is shaped like a cube. Each piece is, they claim, individually carved.

The Mariko Sphere may be even more special. Glace thinks the sphere is “the most efficient shape in nature.” What they mean by efficient isn’t really clear. Yet they go on to claim that the spherical ice cube is “the most mathematically efficient way to cool your drink.”

If you’re looking for some extravagant ice, simply tell the checkout clerk at the grocery store you want some Glace. Maybe that’s a bad idea. These actually ship overnight packed in dry-ice.

“Many of our clients order regularly and we do offer those clients additional benefits and wholesale pricing,” a representative told BI.

Regular customers can even join the “Tudor Luxury Ice Club.” The subscription ice service costs $1,100 and guarantees 4 bags of the hand carved ice annually.