College Student Survives 80-Foot Plunge Off Balcony While Practicing ‘Extreme Yoga’

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A college student who was practicing “extreme yoga” had the moment before she fell 80 ft from her six-floor apartment captured in a photo that has since gone viral. The woman ended up breaking 110 bones and requiring surgery for 11 hours. It’s unclear if it was the student’s first time attempting this pose.

Alexa Terrazas, a 23-year-old college student in Mexico, can be seen hanging upside down as she poses for a photo. Moments after the photo was captured, she plunged 80 ft and hit the pavement below, Fox News reported. The pose nearly cost the young woman her life as she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Doctors stated she had broken both of her legs, as well as suffered fractures to her arms, hips and head, amongst various other bones.

It was reported by local outlets that doctors had to “reconstruct” her legs and it would be at least three years before she would be able to walk again. The recovery road for Terrazas will be painful, to say the least.

The 23-year-old is still listed in critical condition. Terrazas is a college student at the University of Monterrey in Nuevo León majoring being in health and nutrition, the New York Post reported.

The image of her final moments before she fell spread throughout the internet with concerned people asking if they needed to donate blood. Her family members took to social media to explain it wouldn’t be necessary, but they appreciated the kind gesture.

The Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office conducted an investigation, and they concluded the railing she hung from was structurally sound. Investigators surmised the young woman must have lost her balance while holding the rail and slipped off.

Neighbors of Terrazas backed up the investigator’s theory by explaining they saw the moment she fell, and it was indeed an accident. Relatives are asking for prayers for her recovery.