College Bro Takes Girlfriend on Dream Vacation. Who Paid For it Has Everyone Pissed [VIDEO]

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Every college kid dreams of being able to travel the world without a care in the world, right? Well one student, Brandon Lerry, decided he was going to do just that, and take his girlfriend along for the ride.

Lerry booked the trip of a lifetime to Thailand for himself and his girlfriend (who had never left the country). He surprised her and recorded the moment for posterity with his GoPro. Sounds like a magical moment, right?

Maybe it would have been if Lerry had paid for the trip by saving for months or coming up with some innovative, money making idea. However, that’s not what he did. He used his college financial aid refund to pay for it.

It’s unclear exactly where the funds came from. Most schools receive any scholarships, grants and student loan money directly, but instead of sending back unused money, most schools issue students a refund check to the student. In this case, Lerry had $2500 left over after all of his school tuition and fees were paid for. Most students use this money for books, to supplement their rent/housing, or other basic living expenses. Not Brandon Lerry and his girlfriend though.

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The reaction to the video has been mixed, but mostly negative. Many commenters on Youtube complain of not being able to get financial aid despite needing it. So far, the video has received 875 Dislikes to 417 Likes.