Colin Kaepernick Plans to Stand During National Anthem Next Season

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The once NFL all-star, Colin Kaepernick, was controversial last season as he refused to stand during the country’s National Anthem. Kaepernick’s reasoning was that his action would bring awareness to minorities who were being oppressed. Now, he says he accomplished what he wanted and got his point across.


Kaepernick, who was notified by his team, the San Francisco 49er’s, that they will not pick up his option to stay with the team in 2018, claimed that he doesn’t want to be a distraction for future teammates. He also believes America saw why he protested, according to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter.


But the looming question over Kaepernick’s head right now is his timing of the announcement that he will not protest in the next NFL season. As other teams are looking to sign a player, they may be looking for someone who doesn’t disrespect the flag and everything it symbolizes.


Cynics could suggest that he is only doing this so his past controversy won’t affect his ability to find a new job with a new team. If a team is trying to find a new face to add to their roster, many may avoid Kaepernick given his negative press in the media.


On the other hand, Kaepernick wasn’t the only NFL player to sit during the anthem. Over 30 black players stood in unity with the former quarterback, some losing their endorsements or subsequently being released from their team.


In the midst of the media coverage that overshadowed a better part of the 2016 season, the 49er quarterback believes that the subject of racial inequality should be more than a black and white issue, according to a source Schefter said.

Kaepernick has had poor performances on the field in the last few seasons, to say the least. He was benched twice during the 2016 season. And while he was scolded by some for his protest, others praised him for being willing to shine a light on the subject.


It’s unclear how this NFL season will play out, but one thing is certain, all eyes will be on Colin Kaepernick – which might be just what he’s wanted from the beginning.