Cockpit Video Shows Pilot Saving Himself and His Small Plane Using Plane’s Parachute

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Flying a plane is an extremely delicate procedure. You must have the utmost finesse and be able to handle yourself when something unexpected happens. The latter was shown perfectly by one pilot who escaped sure death when he pulled his light sport aircraft’s parachute which brought him safely to the ground with no injuries.

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The video of the incident showed an unnamed pilot from Asia in his plane spinning violently and losing altitude at a rapid rate. The pilot is seen trying to regain control of the plane by pulling back on the yoke multiple times but to no avail.

As the plane and the pilot plummet faster and faster towards the ground, the pilot tried to pull various levers as he checked the altitude meter.

At the midpoint of the video, you can see the plane begin to go into a flat spin, a term used when the aircraft’s rudders lock and don’t allow the air to flow with the plane. In most cases, it is downright impossible to get out of a flat spin even for an experienced pilot.

At that point, the pilot apparently realized that his attempts to regain control of the plane are futile and decides instead to use the Ballistic Recovery System. A BRS allows a plane to float down to the surface of the earth somewhat gently without causing too much damage to the pilot or his plane.

During the chaotic minute and a half video, the pilot keeps a calm demeanor while coming to the realization that the flight cannot be saved. The pilot turned the propeller engine off and then popped the small plane’s parachute.

The video showed the plane calmly landing on the ground with the pilot miraculously suffering no injuries. The Daily Mail reported that the pilot and the plane were in the sky the next day thanks to the BRS.

According to FlyingMag, a BRS can run up to $13,500 and will cost $4,500 to be inspected every ten years. That may seem like a large sum of money to some, but I’m sure the pilot in the video sure is glad he bought one.