Coast Guardsman Jumps Onto Back of Moving Drug Submarine at Sea and Bangs Door [VIDEO]

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Drug cartels are always looking for new ways to hide drugs from the Coast Guard in the hopes of outsmarting them as they bring their shipments into the states. Now that the cartels are using submarines to transport their contraband, they have often gotten the best of the Coast Guard’s security sweeps. That is until now.

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The United States Coast Guard released a 1-minute helmet cam video detailing their experience locating one of the elusive “narco-submarines.” The footage took place hundreds of miles off the Ecuadoran and Colombian coast in waters patrolled by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The harrowing footage, which was released by the Defense Department on July 11, starts with Guardsmen riding alongside the “self-propelled semi-submersible suspected drug smuggling vessel” and demanding they stop.

One Guardsman can be heard telling another “it’s going to be difficult to get on” as they inch closer to the narco-funded submarine. With the submarine not slowing down or listening to the demands of the Coast Guard, one Guardsman hops off his boat onto the moving submarine.

As he tries to hold his balance, the Guardsman can be seen smashing his fist onto the top of the sub hatch. Another Guardsman is seen coming behind the first to offer support. The two are decked out in night-vision goggles to help them see into the dark hull, the Washington Post reported.

The banging on the hatch was finally rewarded when an alleged drug smuggler opened the hatch and immediately put his hands up before the short video ended.

Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Brickey, a spokesman for U.S. Coast Guard, announced that 17,000 pounds of cocaine, worth an estimated $232 million, were located inside the 40-foot sub.

According to CBS News, since this incident took place in international waters, the Coast Guard was able to intervene since the sub in question was not flying any country’s flag.

These narco-subs, which are put together in the deep jungles of cartel territory, are considered to be like the legendary Bigfoot – impossible to find.

And they say that the Coast Guard isn’t badass.